Andrew Wit: StudioTALKS! Recap

We’re feeling refreshed by spring break – ARCHtank is getting back into the swing of things! Here’s a recap of Andrew Wit’s StudioTALKS! event that we hosted at the end of January. Who is he? Andrew Wit is the co-founder of WITO*, Laboratory for Intelligent Environments. His work focuses on architectural technologies such as lightweight […]

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Welcome Back!

What’s that smell? A familiar blend of MDF, wood shavings, glue, (and tears) in Addams as a new semester begins…but some of us haven’t yet adopted that permanent perfume. To ARCH102 first-years, whether you’re dabbling or sticking around or somewhere in-between, a warm welcome to undergraduate architecture! ARCHtank is a group of architecture students who […]

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In the interest of giving aspiring designers something to inspire them, this week we are featuring the online architectural magazine designboom. If you’re interested in whats new in the design as well as the architectural world, we recommend checking out this site! designboom

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Choosing a Font for Your Work

While the primary focus of your portfolio or work should be your designs, having an appropriate font helps to make you presentation look more seamless and pulled together. Particular fonts can also help to create an overall feeling for your work making it look more playful or more professional depending on what you choose. Difference […]

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Affinity Creative Suite

Source: Affinity twitter Most of us already cough up money to Adobe to buy into their creative suite for things like Illustrator and Photoshop or mooch off the school computers, but there are other options out there that work similarly to Illustrator and Photoshop. I would still use Adobe Illustrator for changing  line weights (especially since […]

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3D Printing Part 2 (Troubleshooting)

So you’ve crawled all the way up to the fourth floor of the FABLab, fought your way through the throngs of panicking grad students, and finally handed over your file to the 3D print operator – but wait! you’re print isn’t ready for printing because it has (GASP!) naked edges (or something equally nefarious). Never […]

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Looking for some design tips?

Photo from: If you’re looking to up your design game check out the website Canva for some design tips. Canva is a website that acts sort of like a combination of Photoshop and InDesign providing pre-made templates for things like posters and flyers (on occasion we might have cheated and use one of these […]

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